Catholic Diocese of Nsukka

Enugu State, Nigeria

Quotes By Fr. Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah

These are selected quotes from Most Rev. Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah

Fr. Bishop Godfrey Igwubike Onah as popularly called in the course of his Episcopal work and preachings has made series of serious quotes. These quotes cut across different areas and walks of life such as marriage, politics moral, religions etc
S/N Year Issue Quote
1 June9,2020 Lent “People often criticize ministers of God for accepting offerings from the poor;but what they fail to realize is that the poor are not really giving to the ministers but to God. Any minister who uses such offerings for something that is not Godly will certainly pay dearly for it.”
2 June16,2020 Governance “Whatever maybe terrifying you in life is not as powerful as the God who dwells in you through the Eucharist. What should make you afraid is sin,which makes the Eucharist ineffective in your life.”-
3 June8,2020 Religion “It is often feared that Nigeria is at the brink of self-destruction. But what will eventually destroy Nigeria is not economic failure or political machinations, but rather our failure to recognize and respect the distinctiveness of multiple groups that have come together as a nation; our failure to manage our diversity properly and make positive use of it, by individuals and groups respecting one another, communicating and communing with one another in love. May the love and communion in the Blessed Trinity help usin this regard.”
4 June7,2020 Faith “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. -a prayer; -a profession of faith; -a blessing. The Most Blessed Trinity-Ultimate source of our life and our faith.”-
5 -May23,2020 Faith “It is not for you to know times and seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority : it is not for you to know when the end of time will come, your business is to share the love you have received from Jesus Christ and equally share the message of Salvation he has brought to all men, whether the world ends today or tomorrow is not your business, just be God’s witness in the world.”
6 May19,2020 Life “As we struggle to preserve our physical life at this moment of plague, may we always spare some thought and time for our eternal life and strive to abide in Jesus Christ who is the eternal word of God that will never pass away.”
7 May9,2020 Faith “Jesus,theWay,cannot be blocked by any lockdown. Jesus, the Truth, cannot be diminished by false information. Jesus, the Life, cannot be infected by the virus. What he offers is beyond the threat of the pandemic. Let not your hearts be troubled.”
8 April 23,2020 Faith “God can mend a broken heart provided you give Him the pieces. It is only in retracing your wrong steps that you should hope for a change.”April23,2020
9 April 17,2020 Faith “There is no need comparing yourself with the other person because you are uniquely made, rather compare yourself with yourself and know whether you are becoming who God wants you to be.”
10 April 4, 2020 Faith “Love is more ‘infectious’ than coronavirus. As we Maintain physical distance from one another to prevent the spread of Covid-19, may we continue to spread love, which does not necessarily require physical contact to express.”